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Numbness, pain, some tingling in right hand, arm and shoulder

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2011
  • 11:48 PM

4 days ago I was typing away on my computer as usual when I felt a slight soreness in my right hand. I didn't think anything of it and like the idiot I am, I continued working that day and onto the next. I sometimes work on a computer up to 14 hours a day with little rest and poor posture, so I know I brought this upon myself and I hope it's not too late to fix...

Anyway the next day the pain was still there, but it's more of a mild discomfort that did not bother me so I didn't pay any attention to it still. It was only after I was done with my work that I started feeling extreme pain. I got in bed with 2 Advils and fell asleep, hoping it would go away the next day.

Day 3 (yesterday), I woke up several times due to pain, and symptoms not only did not improve, they worsened. My hand is now tingling and had a slight burning sensation. In addition my whole arm and shoulder are both now sore as well. I went to a massage therapist and got the whole side massaged including shoulders and neck since she told me that could be where the problem originated from. I also took a long break for every 30 minutes I used my computer for the whole day. The pain continued the rest of the day and finally I was fed up and took a vicodin I had leftover from a previous stomach illness and went to sleep. I know this was a bad idea but I could not take it.

Today (day 4): 3 hours after I took the vicodin I woke up from pain, numbness and a feeling that the hand is cold? Not sure what that feeling really is, it's hard to describe, but at the very least it was uncomfortable and abnormal, like I'm aware of the hand a lot more than I should be. Usually it's just there and I don't think much of it but now it's sticking out like a sore thumb kind of feeling. I did my best and fell back asleep. 2 hours later I woke up again with a fearful feeling. The whole right hand was completely numb. Like the feeling you get when you fall asleep on a limb for a long time, but I've never felt that on my hand before and I was not sleeping on the hand. Nothing was on it yet it somehow lost circulation. It was just completely numb to the touch. I could still move it and after a few long seconds it returned to (mostly) normal, but still have that unusual slightly numb/tingling sensation to it. Occasionally I'd feel a burning pain that mostly goes away but lingers.

I was alarmingly surprised how short a duration vicodin had on me. Usually it knocks me out straight away and I've only taken 5 pills my entire life. So no way my body has built resistance against it.

So now I'm typing this up and hoping for some help! I would go to the doctor if I must but I have no insurance and not much money to spare (it would eat into my food budget). I want to know if you think this is serious. Some background info:

- I am on the computer a lot and have bad posture. Lately I haven't exercised, had bad eating habits and been really stressed out due to my work at a startup.
- My sleeping habits are awful, sometimes going to bed early in the morning and wake up in the afternoon.
- I was tubing 2 weeks ago and faceplanted into the water from my right side. When I got back up my right hip hurt a little, but it passed shortly and I didn't think much of it.
- I'm in the low end of weight range recommended for my height, female, age 25.
- Lately I've also had a nagging throat pain that comes and goes but never progresses.

I've come to the conclusion that this is probably carpal tunnel, but from what I read the disease usually gradually sets in and not progress in 4 days to the degree it has in me. I also think the pain I'm experiencing is more severe than what I read for CT.

I read that diabetes could cause the tingling and numbing of my hand, but I don't fit the profile for diabetes (I eat unhealthy lately, but do not overload on sugary goods. Also I ate healthy in the few months prior) and had a full blood test done a few months ago for a different illness and everything turned out fine. I'm not sure I can still get diabetes when blood work comes out fine.

So what could it be? I'm thinking it's some kind of nerve issue. I hope I've provided enough details. Please let me know what you think it is! Thank you.

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  • good ole carpal tunnel
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  • I just realized how long ago you posted this so you've probably figured it out already, but because you mentioned you tubing accident I thought maybe this might apply. I was looking for reason's my right thumb was hurting accompanied by numbness in my right hand. I found this. http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/b/brachial_plexus_injury/intro.htm
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  • Id it's still a problem go see a chiropractor. It may be thoracic outlet syndrome. Exact symptoms.
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