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Surgery for red eyes????

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 23, 2007
  • 05:07 AM

I have episcleritis in my right eye and am bothered by the appearance. Does anyone know if there are surgical methods (possibly like there are surgical methods to reduce scar tissue) to lessen the severity of vein appearances in the eyes? What options are out there?

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  • No surgeries. Make sure you don't have dry eyes, and that you don't have any of the autoimmune conditions that can cause it...
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  • see www.bloodshoteyes.org , hope it helps
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    • October 10, 2007
    • 07:35 AM
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  • All I know is that there are a couple of places that perform eye surgeory for pterygium (fleshy growth on eye associated with redness) and pinguecula removal (white/yellowish mark on eye that can also be associated with eye redness). Dr. Gulani (he is supposedly a world-known ophthalmologist/surgeon. He will probably want you to send photos of your eyes if you are out of state. He is in Florida) http://www.gulani.com/index.html AND/OR the Harvard Eye Associates (in California)http://www.harvardeye.com/index.htmlI have an appointment with Harvard one to see if surgery would cure my eye redness.
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  • Hithere,can you please give us an update with your appointment? What did the doctor say?thx
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  • I went to Dr. H and he said that my pinguecula was pretty small, so did not want to recomment surgery right away. The thing was that my eye was ridiculously red. Really hideous. So even though the ping. was small, the redness was what concerned me. He put me on Xibrom (an NSAID, or nonsteroidal drop) It helped with the extreme inflammation, but my eye was still pretty red. I went back in a week (since I was moving soon) and told him I still wasn't satisfied with the drops. He took pics and said he thought the surgery would really help. He was so nice and didn't even charge me for the 2nd visit, since he said all he did was recommend surgery. He said that the surgery will make my eye even more red for a while, but after a month, it should look nice and white. He also said he has performed it on maaany people, and has never had a bad result. So, I scheduled it. However, I have been postponing it a lot because my eye has really got a lot better. The Xibrom helped and then I stopped using it all together. Once in a while my eye will still flare up and get irritated, so I am still considering the surgery. I have to wear glasses all the time now, which I don't like. My contacts really irritate my ping. So, I am unsure what I am planning on doing, since my eye is manageable now and not noticeably red 24/7, but still affecting my life and getting red once in awhile.
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  • hitere,Is this surgery you are talking about only for people who have pinguecula? How about someone who just wants to remove huge red veins in there eyes? I have this huge vein in the corner of my right eye...And this Xibrom eye drop, did it remove your red veins permanently or do they come back when the eye drops are discontinued? Thanks
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  • The Xibrom did not remove the veins themselves, but did remove the redness. When I look in the mirror, I cans till see the veins, but they are unnoticeable. It did take a while though. When i was perscribed them, they helped with EXTREME infammation, but still were red and noticeable. But after a while, the redness went down and only came back once in a while. But now, I have not had a break out in redness in... 3 or 4 weeks. Which is really good for me. I keep postponing the surgery I had. But really... I am not sure if it is actually the Ping. that caused all the redness. I definitely have a pinguecula (small, raised yellow thing on the eye) and that did make the redness worse... but my ping is very small, so I still don't understand why all the extreme redness occurred. There were times before when it look BLOODSHOT. Like... so bad, that NO ONE could miss it. Luckily I was unemployed at the time so could avoid ppl. Now I am living in a new town, new job and am meeting new ppl. I still have to wear glasses all the time which sucks, but beats the really red eye I had. If I could show you all pictures, you would feel bad for me. It was BAD. I went to Kenya for a couple months, and that is when it got really red off and on. Then when I got back to the USA, I went skiiing without sunglasses (had no idea the sun was causing the redness) and contacts also made it worse. I am considering Lasik now. But I really do think that those of you who cannot control the extreme redness should look into some form on NSAID (a drop percribed by a doctor that is non-steroidal). I was dependent on it, but after a while, my eyes adjusted and have not had a huge break out (though I have still had minor ones for a 2-3 days at atime). If you want a pinguecula/pterygium removed, it costs around US $2,500 at Dr. H I think (southern california, usa). And takes an average of a month to heal, more or less. I think if ppl have extreme redness that is very noticeable, then it might be from a ping (look for that raised part of the eye!) OR from episcleritis, which is an eye redness condition that happens seasonally. Either way, if eye redness is really affecting your happiness in life, I say contact Dr Hovenesian at the Harvard Eye Institute so see if something can be done. He seems to understand (even though his eyes looked perfect and white!). If you are out of state or country, you can sent him a picture of your eyes and he can analyze to see if it is worth looking into. I really feel for you all. I am still suffering from this, though it is not as bad at the moment, I am just waiting for the day that my red eye comes back. Respond to this message if you want more info. I am determined to give advice to any who need it and will keep in touch. ALSO I knwo someone who has pics of before her PTERYGIUM was removed and after. Her eyes look amazing now. P.S. The Xibrom drops cost me oer $200! cuz I was not insured, but was THAT desperate. If you can get your doc to perscribe them, try it. It helps some, but doesn't help others. Kind of a gamble, as all these eye drops are.NO REDNESS RELIEVERS!! Steroid drops are effective, but really risky. If eyes don't improve after tapering those off, dont continue and ask for NSAID drops. (it's supposed to be like Aleve or Aspirin, but for the eyes)ALSO the surgery is for those with pinguecula or pterygium (look those up), but you never know! I say, email Dr. Hovenesian pics of your red eyes. Even if the surgery dos not apply, maybe he can still help. He perscribed the Xibrom to me, but after I returned unhappy, was willing to help and seemed confident the surgery would help a lot, even tho my ping wa really small.
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  • ALSO, I have a huge vein in the ear side of my left eye. My eye got infected in Kenya, and then healed, but that red vein is still there. Nasty thing, but I have NO idea why it is there. But... I am able to live with it because ppl barely notice it and after living with extreme redness ont he NASAL side of my eye, the ear side seems like nuthin. BUT I have heard of pinguecula/pterygium to the ear side of the eye, so if it is disturbing your peace of mind and is extremely noticeable, maybe send ics to Dr H of Harvard Eye Institute
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  • Hithere,thanks for all the info, you are very helpful ;)I don't have pinguecula/pterygium. The red veins in my eyes were from years of wearing contacts and have stabilized since getting lasik about 4 years ago.$2,500 for both eyes does not seem bad but I would LOVE to see the before and after photos of that patient you are talking about.
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  • hithere,please respond. :)thx
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  • hithere,please respond. :)thxHi Kamui. It is almost 2 years later and I am just seeing your post! I decided to check eye redness again (since I'm considering going to Kenya again and don't want the redness to come back) and I came across your last post! I had no idea anyone responded. I would check back, but never saw anything so stopped checking. Anyway, just wondering if anything ever happened and how you are doing. In case you happen to get an automatic alert that someone responded.For anyone else out there, my eye redness is now gone. I still get regular redness and the veins, I can see, are still there, just very tiny. I think my redness was due to inflammation that just would not go away. The veins got flared up because of contact use and the sun and it just got stuck. Then the Xibrom helped calm it down a bit. Anyway, I hate eye redness and am so glad that, at least for now (knock on wood), the redness is gone.
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  • Hey! It's been a while, dont even remember what I was asking hah...But anyway, I plan on going to Dr. Kim to have surgery when ever I get the money.thx for the late reply :)
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