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Hip / Buttock Pain

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  • Posted By: 343Willy
  • June 7, 2011
  • 11:01 PM

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a real pain in the **s! It began roughly 6 years ago which started with a fall while snowboarding. I thought it was a bruise and it never went away. I put up with it for maybe 3 years as it would increase and decrease in pain on a regular basis, sometimes I got to the point where I had to do something about it and then the next day it wasn’t so bad so I put up with it. Anyway I eventually went to a doctor who diagnosed me with Piriformis Dysfunction (which I can’t seem to find anything on). I went to physiotherapy where I got some stretches which for the most part seemed to be working. The pain was still there but at least with these stretches I could manage it a little better.

Eventually the stretches stopped working so I went back to see the physio. (I also had a couple of rounds of chiropractor) they gave me some magnificent stretches which after maybe 3 weeks and 4 sessions the pain was gone. That was last year.

I one day lift something heavy which gives me a twinge in my lower back. This in turn sets off my sore hip again. So I go back to physio and it’s the same old stretches so I do those and nothing. I try the exercises and nothing... I’m currently getting chiropractic help to try and solve the issue and it seems my hip is misaligned, my lower spinal discs are a little crushed and this is believed to be the problem.

I can sit fine without pain, I can lie down without pain, what I cant do is stand up from sitting, sit up from lying, sneeze, cough, run, walk at any faster rate than a limp or bend over.

It’s very annoying and what I would like to know if anyone else has this and if they managed any exercises or stretches that could get me out of this bind, I experienced a pain free year and I would really like that feeling back... I’ve also got a bit of tenderness on my lower back where I believe the sacroiliac joint is, I don’t know if that connected.

Sorry this has got a bit drawn out. I hope someone can help

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  • Hi, I am a physical therapist. It sounds like your symptoms now are different than your original issue. Piriformis syndrome will cause pain in the buttocks area but cannot cause pain in your lower back. It sounds like you have some early signs of degenerative disc disease. Generally with DDD transition movements (sit to stand), standing, and walking are aggravating. Symptoms are also generally worse in the morning. I would suggest at a minimum start using ice (do not use heat!). Apply the ice to your lower back 10 minutes at least three times a day. Avoid any prolonged standing or walking. To learn more, specifically stretches you should do for this type of issue, visit: http://www.joint-pain-solutions.com/degenerative-disc-disease.html Follow the link at the bottom of the page to specific exercises. Hope this helps! ~JTrempe PT, ATC
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  • Hi,I used to have problems on my butts and on my back and too. I tried everything it didn't help much.There were three things that helped me most.1. Celebrex. But the pain started coming back.2. Myotherapy. Learn about this therapy, it does work.3. Calcium supplement. In particular I tried Coral Calcium (won't give the brand name), & it has helped me tremendously. I hardly have any pain now. You can see my other postings, to know the particulars of my pain.Hope that helps.
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  • Thanks guys for the info! ill definitely look into those, im ready to try anything to stop this pain!!!Hopefully its not the degenerative disc disease but just to cover all basis ill look into that toothnks guys
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  • You could see an neuro, but your pain is consistant with SI joint problems. As this has been going on for a while, you may have some arthritis in the joint as well as inflammation. Ask your doc for some antiinflammatories or arthritis meds and see if those help with the pain. When sitting you could try a pillow or sitting on something very soft, like latex (sold in mattress stores), which will cushion your bottom and not press the bones together. Try not sitting for too long before getting up and stretching. Continue with the program the therapist gave you to maintain range of motion at the joint. good luck
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  • Have you been given any core strength exercises? If you have got disc problems its going to alter the mechanics of the spine and SI joints.The stronger the supportive muscles the less force gets put through to the joints and ligaments. Check your foot health - podiatrist maybe - and footwear too, the less force going up to your back with each step the better. Keep yourself active, watch your posture. Chronic low back pain is something a lot of people have to manage on an ongoing basis. If you stop doing the exercises and let things slip then it can all come back.
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