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Shoulder pain & bilateral arm numbness/weakness

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  • Posted By: havecool
  • June 4, 2011
  • 02:22 AM

Hi I am a 27 yr male, 6'0 tall about 200lbs. For the last few years I've been experiencing burning and stabbing pain in my mid-back shoulder blade area in both shoulders. the pain starts from the middle of my back near my spine and radiates out towards my side and sometimes into the armpit area. I have had no injury to my back or shoulders. About six months after the pain started I also started having extreme numbness and weakness and a swollen feeling in my arms and hands when laying down or waking up which usually clears up within 30min of getting upright. The sensation feels like the blood has been cut off to my arms but my arms/hands never turn blue. The numbness in my hands is throughout the whole hands and wearing wrist splints has not provided any relief. This went on for about a year before i started having more issues. So far all of my symptoms that have started w/in the last 2 years (whether related or not) are:

Constant pain in both shoulders and shoulder blade area ranging from dull ache to what i would consider crippling pain
Numbness/sensation of swelling w/out actually swelling in both arms and hands after lying down (whether flat on my back or on my sides, although it is worse when on my side) Never able to get much sleep because of this
Overall constant feeling of weakness in both arms/hands
High blood pressure
Off and on swelling/tenderness in both armpits
Constant Ringing and pressure in both ears. It feels like i have a constant head cold w/out all the sneezing and mucous. Feels like i have to pop my ears but can't. (have seen an audiologist for this and my hearing tests came out great -doc said i have the hearing of an 18-20 yr old. So i don't have any hearing loss. They did an ABR and a few other tests, one, they explained was kind of like a sonogram of the ears. In any case they found nothing to explain the tinnitus and referred me back to my neurologist.

I have seen a chiropractor, 2 different orthopedists and a neurologist. Have had cervical/thoracic spine xrays and mris that have shown nothing but mild degeneration. Had an mri of brain/brain stem that was clean. Had emgs and some other nerve test that were both clean. Had an mri of the left shoulder area (couldn't get the dr to mri both shoulders for some reason) which showed tendonitis in the shoulder. The orthopedist gave me cortisone injections in both shoulders over a week ago and prescribed me meloxicam to be taken daily. Since having the cortisone shots the pain has continually got worse and now the pain in my shoulders also radiates down into my biceps. After notifying the dr of the pain they referred me back to the neurologist.

One other thing is about 3 months ago I had excruciating pain in my lower-right abdomen/groin area. Thought maybe I had somehow broken open my hernia repair (which was 2008) because the pain was similar. The dr's office took a blood test and sent me to the ER immediately because my white blood cell count was elevated thinking it was my appendix. After having a CAT scan they found nothing and just loaded me up on morphine and prescribed me ibuprofen. the pain cleared up w/in a week. When I asked the doctor what the elevated white blood cell count meant he just said it meant i had an infection somewhere but since i didn't have a fever it meant nothing. It was high enough to immediately send me to the ER but not high enough to check in to? I couldn't get them to do another blood test a month later. Is it possible to have an infection w/out a fever?

Any thoughts or opinions on my situation would be appreciated. Feeling pretty hopeless right now.

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