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Will I ever be normal again after femur surgery??

Posted In: General Cassie | January 25, 2015 | 10:30 PM

I was kicked in the middle of my thigh by my horse, resulting in an open fracture to my femur. I had a rod put in from my hip to my knee. I have a 1/2" gap between my in about 4 weeks or so the dr wants to remove the knee screws and have me walk on the leg to close the gap. Its only been one month since the accident, but it seems like forever.They are saying I should recover 100% in a year or less..hoping for less. Im an extremely active person and a mother of a 3 yr old. Really hoping to walk asap. I have some motion in my knee and can put a bit of weight on my leg, but not much. Any advice would be so appreciated. Ive done some researching and read a lot of stories..Seems every person is a bit different with this kind of thing. Thanks, Cassie

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