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Trying to help my Sister Live.

Posted In: Low White Blood Cell Count Anonymous | August 19, 2015 | 05:35 PM

My sister has been very ill for a few months now. She was rushed to ER and had 3 blood transfusions. Her problem can not be found. She has a white cell account of a 1 as i speak. Red Cells are back up, after another 2 more Transfusions. The red cells are up higher today with a treatment of Prednisone. Still no change in the White cells. She was tested for Leukemia, and Hodgkins, Both are Negative. Still no Name to give her Illness. Her Spleen is not working. They have decided to do a Hysterectomy. Next, remove the Spleen. Colonoscopy was done, she was clean. For the exception of something pushing up against the Colon on the outside of the Colon.They are not sure what exactly is pushing. She also developed Diabetes last year and is already on Insulin, all in one year. She has lost very much weight and can not gain it back. She gets full with small amounts of food. She had Breast Cancer at the age of 28, that breast was removed. Right now there is a small lump at the same breast area, the DR. has not tested it. I myself am not happy with any of her Doctors. She works everyday, she has no choice. It was once thought of Possible Aplastic Anemia. She produces no Bone Marrow. Now they are just guessing, and removing body parts to just knock off things that they can not figure out. I would appreciate any help on this before i lose my sister. I wish she would consider another Hospital, but she needs to work, my opinion is, work for what if they can not find whats wrong? Her treatment this week is a higher dose of Prednisone,which by the way sends her Sugar Sky High..Does anyone have any input on this? Any response would help. Thank You..

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