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Thoughts and help with a strange abdominal problem

Posted In: Muscle conditions Anonymous | June 17, 2014 | 11:35 PM

I am 19 and workout very often especially my abs. however about a year or so ago i was playing basketball and got bent backwards strangly, and when i looked down, right below my left pec it looked as if my rib was sticking out. It didnt hurt that badly but was defiantly hard to breath, but with in minutes the lump went down and i was fine other then soreness for a few days. since then it has happened three more times about 3 months apart from one another but always in the same spot on my stomach, however the last three times have been when doing simple tasks like taking my socks or shoes off. So im not sure if i slightly tore a muscle with the original injury, or from over working out. Or if its some type of cramp or rib injury. Any thoughts or treatment ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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