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symptoms lower back pain,burning,numbness,increased sensitivity, electric shock knife-like or aching

Posted In: Back conditions Anonymous | June 3, 2014 | 09:06 PM

I am posting to help all that is experiencing this type of pain. I have been in pain for 5 months , symptoms include lower back pain , burning, numbness, increased sensitivity, electric shock or stabbing pain, knife-like or aching pain going from my lower back into my groin area.

My experiences were hospitalized.... the results from them was in my spine. I received 1 epidural shot in the spine. it fixed 2 or the 3 pains.. Then back to the Back Doctor again 2 more epidural shots and it temporary relieved the pain and then the pain came back with a vengeance. Referred to a Pain management doctor and 1 more epidural shot and SI joint shot in my hips. temporary relieve but again the pain came back worst. He couldn't figure it out, then refer to GYN. The
pain was to so crippling I was bedridden and popping powerful pain killers and still could stop the pain..
OMG It took a 3 weeks to get in to see him and as soon as I looked at pain , he knew what the pain was ..

Pudendal neuralgia (PN) and pudendal nerve entrapment (PNE)

I was told it is a very hard to diagnosis,. Refer to a Urogynecology >>>. a GYN that specializes in this issue. It was confirmed and sent to a special therapist that handles condition and I am on the way to recovery.

THIS posting is not to feel sorry for me but help others that may have this same pain. It took me 5 months of unnecessary pain to final find the correct Doctor that handles this. Please pass it on and the website that can help ..

PS It was my wonderful Daughter that search the web to help her mother .. I love her for that. Now I call her Doctor Daughter .

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