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Summary: Roaming pains through my Chest, Arms and Hand.

Posted In: Pain JesseD | October 8, 2014 | 08:25 AM

Since I can't find anything online that describes my problem I am going to assume I am not searching for the right information so instead of asking an elaborate question I am simply going to describe what is going on and hope that someone has an idea as to what is causing it. Here are a series of potentially unrelated symptoms that I have noticed. Each of them continues to come up from time to time since they first started. Again, I have no real expectation that they are all related however it seems like a good idea to not assume at this point since I have no idea.

* Heart Palpitations. Starting ~2 years ago: The sometimes stop for months at a time then come back and happen frequently. I have had two ECG's and an xray since they started and nothing came back as abnormal. I was told it was probably stress related and not to worry about it.

The best way I can describe how these feel is with the following pattern: *.*.*#..#.*.*
* represents normal heart beat.
# represents stronger heart beat
. represents standard break between beats

* Dull Pain in chest. This started shortly before my last ECG and was also attributed to stress or potentially gas. The pain was located pretty close to my heart though a few inches towards my left side. It would come and go (independently to the palpitations) in very short bursts(less than a second).

* Head Throbbing. Maybe once or twice a month I will be working, walking, eating or *insert other normal non-strenuous activity* and suddenly I can hear and feel my heart beat through my head. No pain, just everything is a little... Vague?. No changes in vision though everything just sort of loses focus a little. I can continue what I am doing if needed including carrying on a conversation however it is very distracting. After a short time(30 seconds or so) it passes. No other systems before, during, or after that I can notice.

Within the past month or so I have suddenly started having a new symptom which is the cause for this post:

* Roaming pains through my Chest, Arms and Hand. As posted above, I have had an occasional burst of pain left of my heart for the past year or so however within the past couple weeks I stared getting a similar pain though in various places around my chest. Never in two places at once. When the pain came on, it lasts for less than a second and then doesn't come back for minutes or even hours later but usually in the same spot, then some time later, the pain moves to a new spot and shows up a few more times there before moving again. This trend continued until a few days ago and now I have felt it on both my left and right hands and arms. The pain is mild yet very distracting. In the arms and hands it feels very much like the starting of charlie horse that doesn't quite make it to real pain. Again, like the pain in my chest, it seems to find a spot and flare up a few times through out the day and then the next day it will be in a different spot and linger there. So far this rogue pain hasn't moved back to the same place after moving on.
Pain points:
* Chest: various places, usually located far left and far right sides roughly an inch or so(I think? Hard to tell) deep.
* Left Forearm: Upper inside near elbow joint.
* Left hand: Back of hand in between 4th and 5th metacarpals.
* Right hand: Just finger side of index finger knuckle.
* Right forearm: Midway on inside.


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