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Struggling with urinating

Posted In: Urinary Burning Anonymous | June 16, 2014 | 09:07 PM

I was tested positive for a UTI because I would have symptoms such as burning during urination, short amounts of urine coming out when I pee, and feeling the urgency to pee a lot. I took the meds for it and it didn't work so I got a stronger med and it still didn't work. Another time I was tested negative for UTI so I was wondering what could it possibly be?? The only symptoms I have are the one that I listed above and nothing else , no discoloration in discharge, no bumps nor pain just burning nd the urgency to pee and I'm only 16 yes I've had sexual relations but not recently and I've been dealing with these symptoms for about 5months now. Please give me answers !!! I want to feel normal again

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