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Spleen enlargement or not?

Posted In: Spleen Cancer karenpearlx | June 15, 2014 | 06:51 AM

Hello, so for the last month I've been noticing this bump on the left side of my upper body, more specfifcally, above my stomach and just below my left breast. In April 2014, the month I first noticed it, I didn't really bother with it since when I researched about "Left rib cage poking out than the right" the answers I received were people saying it was common. So early May 2014, I started feeling a numb ache on the area and I get really full easily and it's quite a discomfort especially when sitting. When we went to the doctor (I'm only fourteen) the doctor felt the bump and said it was just acid. He gave me anti-acid tablets and said to take it everyday. Which I followed. That was four days ago. So now, I'm still kind of concerned since I think the bump and the discomfort is getting worse. But my dad believed the doctor and I didn't. Before we went for a check up, my mom (who's in another country) told me to search for "Spleen Enlargement" and during that night, I was so sure that that was the case that I have so after hearing what the doctor said about just being acid, I got confused. What do you think it is? Should I go to another doctor or..? Thank you in advance!

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