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Someone Help! Doctor after doctor no one can help. They all say nothing is wrong. My legs hurt!

Posted In: Leg Pain Eernst88 | July 4, 2015 | 05:32 AM

8 months ago I got my tubes tied. In the Pass 8 Months I have had 11 UTI... just spent 13 hrs in the ER last night Because it burns to pee and I can't pee. Also my lower back hurts. They give me pain meds and send me on the way because my altosound & cat scan and Urine are all Normal. Also the Pain in my legs is unbareable! It's all the time and at night I can't sleep bc of the pain. They all tell me my legs should have nothing to do with a UTI. They fix my uti and I get it back within just a couple weeks and my legs are right back to nothing but pain. I'm a beautiful 26 year old mommy of three that can't fix or get an answer of why this is happening to my body. Sometimes my legs feel on fire sometimes they just throb in sore pain, sometimes feels like a knife is cutting me... At the end of my rope please any advice is greatful! Other than an underactive thyroid, I'm healthy meds make my thyroid normal again.

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