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so many diagnosis but still not feeling better

Posted In: Depressive Symptoms BreezyTurkey | June 28, 2014 | 10:50 PM

I have so many things going on with me I don't know where to begin but so far I have had no relief. I been told that Ihave hhyperthyroidism, ulcerative colitis, peripheral neuropothy Gerd and sinusitis and my skin is all dry bumpy. I wake up every morning with weak and tingly legs and arms. I have headaches very often and chills and sweaty sometimes. I been to the ER over 20x since this all started in 2011i be light headed and dizzy fatigue feeling all the time and I'm only 33yrs old and I have not been able to do to many things. The doctors here think I crazy so I think they just guess and prescribe medications cause blood work and tests come back normal but I don't feel normal. It has to be an underlying cause for all these symptoms and diagnosis but I can't seem to get no answers. All I have is a health plan call meridian and no top notch insurance so I feel like they not to concerned but I am so please can I get some kind of responses to my problems I'm tired of being this way I feel like giving up but Ihave a ddaughter who needs me, I cry almost everyday for someone to help me get some answers. I just don't know what to do, my anxiety is so extreme now. I pray to God someone can get to the root of my problem.

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