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Skin blisters/sores on scalp, face, neck/back. Skin peels easily. Swollen ankles.

Posted In: Skin conditions Anonymous | September 26, 2014 | 07:34 PM

Some of my symptoms are:
Skin blisters/sores mostly on scalp, face, neck and back. Ankles swell up occasionally. Skin peels easily.

Scalp spots secretes super-glue like substance which puddles on back of neck in thickened scaly patches which becomes quite painful as it builds up. Scalp has distinctive circular pattern when lotions/ointments (such as medicine, essence oils, peroxide, etc) placed on affected areas; circular lines have white oily hair strands which become tight around head; substance invaded mouth through a loose filling and adhered to that tooth and cracked the one next to it. Teeth surgically removed; now substance comes thru where teeth used to be and is adhering to other teeth – I continually taste it in my mouth. When I rinse my mouth with peroxide or colloidal silver, spit has tiny black/brown dots and recently larger black/brown debris. Tiny black/brown dots can be wiped from skin; red blotchy areas on arms, shedding that attaches to hats, wigs, and inner stitching/seams of clothes; fatigue, coughing, indigestion comes and goes. Teeth become squeaky as film covers them.
Right thumb especially sensitive to whatever this is, will “tingle” when touching or holding item with stuff in it (that can’t be seen by naked eye). Especially if metal item.
Antibiotics, clindamycin lotion, colloidal silver, geranium essence oil, tree teal oil help somewhat but never clears it up completely; mupriocon ointment helps clear skin when it becomes infective. Mostly painful with occasional itching.
Numerous trips to doctors who say it's eczema, dry skin or nothing at all.

What could be causing these symptoms?

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