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Severe abdominal pain with nausea and vomitting

Posted In: Abdominal Pain Anonymous | February 7, 2014 | 06:16 PM

I am 42yrs old, my story began at age 12. I had episodes of severe abdominal pain followed by nausea and vomiting which would last for two-three days. The episodes first would occur a few times a year, then monthly now at least twice a month. For many years I was treated for pancreatitis, then they said I don't have pancreatitis, my gallblader was removed, then it was said to be a genetic blood disorder (porphyria) that no doctors in my area seem to know anything about so, that to has been disregarded. It's like I have some mystery diagonis
no one knows about. I have had numerous ER visits and hospitalizations to the point it seems as though the hospitals think I am med seeking. The pain gets so bad that my blood pressure gets to a dangerous level, I have had seizures, unable to eat or drink anything when food or anything reaches my stomach it comes back up. I am constantly loosing weight and they say "it's because you're not eating" Really, I want to eat and not able to. I can not function when the pain is so bad and its frustrating feeling like I am DYING and there is no hope or help.

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