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red, itchy bumps on arm, back, and torso

Posted In: Hives Anonymous | April 24, 2014 | 03:26 AM

3 days ago I noticed for red itchy bumps on my left upper shoulder arm area. Then noticed about 8 more around my belly button. Then 3 on my right lower bottom of my back. Then a few on my upper left side back. I also have a pimple in my left ear that I have been trying to pop for the last 3 week's . I went to the doctor and he ruled out the rash being poisoned IV shingles chicken pox and anything along that line, but didn't know what it was. He was concerned about my ear and Lanceed the pimple or whatever it was. He thought maybe I had an infection because of it and it might have caused the rash but was not sure. Heput me on benadryl and keflex. Today I started the benadryl and noticed more bumps appearing on my left arm. Does anyone have an idea on what it could be. The picture around my belly button are old bumps and the other picture are bumps I just got today. It doesn't seem like this is just hives?

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