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pudendal nerve entrapment post hysterectomy help

Posted In: Nerve Symptoms Anonymous | May 22, 2014 | 03:08 PM

1 1/2 yrs ago i had a abdominal hysterectomy at post op appt i complained i could not feel any internal penetration. my doctor said he was no where near there i got very upset at that because there was something very wrong going on and then HE said well are u accusing me of something . well that was my last visit with him .i have been too 3 other gyno docs on of which was a urogyno he said it was either a nerved severed or it was entrapted. wouldnt send me for any tests so again on my own i found a neurologist who said she would see me well that was kinda of pointless because she never heard of this happening either story of my life with everyone i see with no one to help me. the one test that could test for pne no one in ny state test with any more . my Pt who has been god sent suggested trying to find someone who would do a EMG study on that nerve . many phone calls later i found the one doctor in wny he did the test on me & sure enough it is pudendal nerve entrapment on both sideS (AGAIN NOT ALL IN MY HEAD LIKE PEOPLE THOUGHT OF ME ) my luck. so off to a MRI that my ins. will finally cover cause of a diagnoisis .thankgod for that test being done.anyway i dont know who to go to or WHAT ELSE TO DO I WANT MY LIFE BACK AND IT LOOKS AS IF NOT MANY DOCTORS IN ANY STATE DO THIS KIND OF SURGERY ! I AM SCARED AND DONT WANT TO GIVE UP ON THIS I AM TO YOUNG TO HAVE TO SETTLE WITH DOING NOTHING ABOUT THIS NIGHTMARE.I HOPE TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS IN THIS SITUATION I DONT HAVE ANY PAIN WHICH IS A BIG COMPLAINT OF THIS. MY LUCK I HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT.I HAVE FULL BLADDER & BOWEL CONTROL THANKGOD I GOT LUCKY ON THAT PART IT SEEMS TO BE MORE SENSORY THAN MOTOR. & I ALSO AM IN LOOKING FOR MEDICAL DOCTORS TO SEE TO FIX ME.

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