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Nicotine Replacement Gum Side Effects You should know but is that what my condition is?

Posted In: Skin Bumps jcjjjs | May 29, 2014 | 03:53 PM

Years ago I smoked, then did the nicotine gum where I couldn't smoke. About 5 years ago I started chewing more gum and having less cigarettes. One yr. ago I quit smoking but got addicted to the gum. I noticed during the last few yrs. some strange things were happening with my body. My face was horribly peeling and extremely dry. (My thyroid was tested Negative) Then at various times once every couple months I started getting a facial pimple. I would pop it and it would fill back up with clear fluid get bigger and bigger and the more I drained it the bigger it got. It took about 3 wks. to get rid of (top skin just peeled away)it leaving me with a dime size scar. I have 11 scars on my face. So, 11 breakouts in say 3 yrs. I went to 3 dermatologists. One thought it was herpes simplex 1, biopsied and it came up negative. I finally did get herpes around my lips on my face for the first time and I'm 58 yrs. old. After a number of facial products and never having issues other than dry skin I find I'm at a loss to whats causing these breakouts. When I get a bump on my face it almost looks like a sweat bee sting. I now have some reddish skin on my chin with these little white dots on the rash, nothing in there can't even scrape them off. I don't know what that is. Bloodwork is normal. My MD doesn't know. I don't understand why the dermatologists can't figure out what it is. I'm at a loss, what is this? Is the gum which I chew 6 times a day causing this? I should just go back to smoking. Where do I turn to now?

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