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My autoimmune disease has caused Hashimotos, Conns syndrome & Iritis. have inherit Hemachromstosis.

Posted In: Thyroid conditions Anonymous | April 12, 2015 | 00:40 AM

Genetically I have inherited Hemachromotsis , ( mutated gene from each parent C282Y & H63D) and have ferratin levels over 300. (Should be 100) my mothers brother, my brother plus sister also have the disease and we get blood taken which relieves our symptoms drastically. We also have inherited Autoimmune Hashimotos ( my mother, 3 sisters, 4 nieces and my daughter so far confirmed) I also have Conns Syndrome believed to be from Autoimmune disease. Recently I had a bout of Iritis which was probably caused by Autoimmune as well.We all have high cholesterol around 8 as well. My father died aged 65 of left ventricular hyper trophy,my oldest sister survived an aneurysm at the age of 57 ( has been left disabled ) my second eldest sister had a blood clot stroke in her brain stem aged 65, my younger sister a retinal occlusion aged 45. My mother died aged 86 and had several heart attacks plus strokes in her Cerebelum and also had Diabetes ,Pancreatitis, Angina, High blood pressure. I am 64 and try to keep healthy and take thyroxine for my thyroid , Kaluril for Conns Syndrome ,Creastor for Cholesterol , plus Nexium for Hiatus Hernia / stomach ulcers. My blood tests always show high levels of Antibodies causing this autoimmune disease and I wonder if there is anything to fix this as most of our ailments are caused by them attacking our organs.

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