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Laced Cannabis Started Nightmare

Posted In: Head conditions gogobob2003 | July 18, 2015 | 11:51 PM

it all started 2 months ago, i was in the passenger seat on the freeway smoking cannabis, i was talking and getting hyper and all of a sudden a huge burst in my head happened i think left side. Then immediately after i got these thunderclap like headaches that came and went for like a hour. They were coming and going. I noticed my eyes were extremely redder then usual, and felt sick. My mouth was extremely dry and couldn't swallow anything. I thought i was going to die. i felt fine but till weeks later every time i got active or would run or walk through out the day my eyes would become extremely dilated and blood shot, neck tension got worse and worse as i would walk or try to run.I felt like every time my blood would pump more and more i would have these problems Voices in my head started to happen through out the day. I have been doing better because Ive just laid in bed everyday for the past month but when im active or go out become social my symptoms start again. I do notice that i have had a shortness of breath when exercising or trying to. When i wake up in the morning i have yellow. However when im active and walk to the store or try to run i have brown and yellow and more heavy mucus when i wake up the next day. The thunderclap type headache hasn't come back however. I was playing basketball after i thought symptoms were gone and after about 10 minutes of running the thunderclap headache came back and felt like i almost was going to pass out. Now 2 months later every time i sit on the computer for awhile my neck is tense and i have trouble multi tasking. Someone please help im just 23 years old and my life has been on hold stuck in my house.

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