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Just wanting a diagnoses so I can fix what's wrong and raise my children

Posted In: Autoimmune Disease Stillnotdiagnosed | September 6, 2014 | 04:53 AM

I am 27 year old female. After having my daughter nearly 4 years ago I have been feeling sick and tired all the time. They diagnosed me with chronic anemia and I had an 8 HR iv pump of iron. After this I felt ok but no matter what I did I would not lose the baby weight actually when they put me on a diet pill I still gained weight. I felt like I had to just live with it no doctor believed me that I was exercising and dieting. Just last year I moved and had a new doctor guess what she believed me. She ran blood work and it showed I had hypothyroidism, vitamin d deficiency, and a positive ana she told me this could be a sign of autoimmune disease. After 6 months of taking the medication she prescribed I kind of felt a little better but still not me. And then my throat started hurting after a few rounds of antibiotics and waiting 3 months she finally ordered an ultrasound to my surprise I had a large goiter and so got an appointment with an endocrinologist. I wait for my appointment and then she tells me I am gonna need surgery to remove part of my thyroid and depending on the goiter and size it may be the whole thing. But then these last 3 days my throat started hurting worst and in the middle of the night I could not breathe and then this morning I am up making breakfast for the kids before school and all of a sudden I feel like I am gonna pass out and then I had to run to bathroom and throw up I have felt horrible all day. I go back to endocrinologist and they tell me it has grown more and that since surgery day is just around the corner they give me a steroid shot and a script for oral steroids and tells me on 17th will take antibiotics and on 24th surgery they we are gonna try to wait it out but out of 3 doctors pcp, rheumatologist, and endocrinologist no one can tell me exactly what I am diagnosed with until the endocrinologist asked if any one has spoken to me about hashimotos. Is this what I am diagnosed with? Still no answer just throwing it around. What else needs to happen to me before I get diagnosed. I did leave out that I have been having severe joint pain, woke up 3 months ago with my arm hurting to find out in my sleep I caused 2 partial tears in tendon and 1 partial tear to muscle in my left shoulder. Please can someone tell me what I need to do to get a diagnoses of something so we can move forward with a proper treatment before more symptoms pop up. I feel like this is killing me. I can't sleep cause I can't breathe I can hardly swallow anything to drink and I always have a soar throat and joints in constant pain. I want to be able to play with my kids at park without worrying about the pain in bones and throat and just enjoy life and my children. Please help

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