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January4th had MRI lAST 3 MINS BEGAN TO BURN UP. That night I had to have ice cubes on face, arms. M

Posted In: Skin Symptoms Anonymous | June 7, 2014 | 06:21 PM

After 6 months, I am still burning up after MRI SCAN ON HIPS. fACE RED. tONGUE SORE. ARMS, FEET HANDS BURNING. wHEN IT COMES ON my head aches and my neck and I feel as if I have mild flu. Doc prescribed piriton type meds. Used aloa vera gel.
Now dermatologist has given me antibody test. I fear it will go on for ever. Sleeplessness and agitation. Fear the worse eg electromagnetic sensitivity and heat sensitivity. Even cancer.
Radiology Dept dismissed it because I didn`t go to A AND E. help!
Husband was in room at time of scan and he has red sunburn effect if he gets warm and his hair stands on end!

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