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I'm 25 now but at a young age suffered from side aches at 12 I was in and out of the ER for 2 years.

Posted In: Intestinal Conditions Anonymous | August 22, 2014 | 05:52 AM

It started out as a child I would have a side ache and end up in the ER they slowly went away with no diagnosis and we thought I grew out if them. 7 years later they came back and back to the ER I went with CT scan one right after another for 2 years and the same thing but then one doctor said it was irritable bowl syndrome. I thought ok makes sense runs in my family ok sure I'll just watch what I eat. Then again back to the ER and another CT scan and ultrasound this time it was an ovarian cyst ugh I thought another thing tknj6g live with but the pain was getting worse as time went on finally at 14 I was so sick and in do much pain my step mom took me to a gynecologist to ask him if he can do anything since I'm so sick and in so much. He gave me pain meds and said he would do a laparoscopic exploratory surgery with a surgeon standing by just in case. The day cane for my surgery I was getting sick weaker and in more pain then ever. What was supposed to be a 45 min surgery turned in to 4 hours. I woke up feeling like someone had taken my guts out and put them back in. I was told by the nurse I was lucky and my parents and the Dr's would explain everything. I also had a huge tube going from my nose to my stomache. The Dr's came in and had told me if I would have waited one more day for the surgery I would not of made it. Turns out I had what is called meckel's diverticulum. They said it was full of poisons and was about to burst like an appendix and if it did would have killed me from the poisons in it. They had told me that about 2% of the population have it and rarely have symptoms from it but I was one of those people who had problems with it. Oh lucky me. As I laid in my hospital bed no food or water in lost 80 lbs from being so sick. After I went home I reader he'd what it was and found out I was born with it. So several Dr's and lots of pain and not knowing I finally got it figured out and taken care of. Now because they did have to remove part of my small intestine I have IBS but would rather have that then not be here. Please if you or someone you know has abdominal pain take them seriously it could be something so rare that it's not even thought of.

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