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I'm 20 & I've had chronic fatigue syndrome, fiibromyalgia, hypothyroidism & a blood disorder for yrs

Posted In: Pain Anonymous | November 28, 2014 | 11:58 PM

Ever since my pregnancy at 16, my health severely declined. I had a pretty normal pregnant & went full term. My only problems were that I was a little anemic. However, after I gave birth, I got ulcerative colitis & was in stage 3/4 & was a few months away from dying if the doctors didn't catch the particular bacterial form of colitis I had. Then they noticed I had a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism. After that, the horrible, debilitating pain started. I got a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome a year later, but I wasn't satisfied. I knew something else was wrong. I lost insurance so I had a long lost of health problems & a longer list to go w/ medications to pay for & doctor visits to be present for. Idk how I made it, but God always provides! <3 3 years later, I finally got more diagnoses. I have a tumor on my pituitary gland, fibromyalgia, intercystial cistitis (sp?), antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, chronic insomnia, stress-induced seizures, & aquagenic urticaria (allergy to water. Yes, I know.. Seems impossible & I'm tired of people not believing me, so take the time to research it please. It's a horrible disease, to be allergic to your own sweet and tears & not being able to enjoy a dip in the pool or beach or being able to splash in the tub w/ your little one:(.) a day in my life consists for crying from pain from the moment I get up to the moment I lay down to sleep (& more from waking up all night from the pain..), lying in bed all day & not being able to play w/ my beautiful, talented, sweet 3 year old little boy <3 it's soo sad, but I've been blessed w/ a wonderful, supportive mother who takes care of my son as well as my wonderful boyfriend who helps out with my son and mainly w/ taking care of me. I am so loved. I am about to make a move to Nevada for better insurance and for better doctors & my boyfriend is coming with me. I'm very nervous as I've always lived in Florida all my life & I don't know what to expect! I'm always tired, can barely pee because it hurts so bad, I'm loosing a lot of weight weekly (from the tumor), constantly seeing colors and patters (also the tumor pressing on my optic nerves), I can hardly lift my arms because the pain in my arms are so bad, I constantly have migraines, my body is soo sensitive to stress that I go Into seizures & terrible panic attacks. The worst thing of all this is that I can't get any pain pills to help w/ the pain because I'm so young that many doctors don't believe me & most pain pills that actually work are mainly narcotics & they say they don't want me to get addicted.. I'm always on the search for holistic approaches and ways to heal myself. I've found a great deal of peace with all of this through meditating & telling my body to heal itself. I need to be persistent in it though. It's a constant battle and would love prayers if anyone would like to offer them. I just found this site and love the idea that I'm able to share my story.. <3 makes me feel not so alone. I'm finding out more & more people have fibromylagia & chronic fatigue syndrome.

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