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I woke with severe pain in my back radiating from the spine around to my underarm and at times on

Posted In: Pain Anonymous | June 30, 2015 | 05:59 PM

to my sternum. This was burning sharp searing pain. After several misdiagnosis and doctors, seven months later this has gone into my left hip, thigh and groin area. I have been to my PCP, neurologist, chiropractor, accupunturist, ER, etc. No one has been able to help me or find out the cause. I have had IV pain meds, oral pain meds and they only help for about 30 minutes if at all. I can get in no position to make it better or to alleviate the pain. I have had less than 16 hrs. sleep all total in the last seven months. I have fallen 4 times and have caused even more problems with the falls. I need help and I don't even know who to ask to help me anymore.

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