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I started with a red mark, swelling, a raised mark and severe pain on right leg above knee.

Posted In: Leg Pain Anonymous | July 30, 2015 | 11:12 AM

The entire medical community is puzzled! I started Weds. with a red mark, a raised 2 inch line, a lump about the size of a quarter and severe pain in right leg above knee. Had an ultrasound and dr said surface phlebitis. She also said that I MAY have Lyme disease. Instructed to go home, use heating pad and take Motrin. Called her back a day later because pain and redness was traveling down my leg. She said that it gets worse before it gets better. Continue heat, Motrin and call Monday. By then, pain, redness, marks etc were from ankle to groin. She ordered another ultrasound. Was told by Radiologist to go directly to E.R. Had a chest scan and they found Bilateral Pulmonary Embolisms and an additional SPOT in my lung and said it is probably cancer! Stayed in hospital 5 days. 3 days later ended up in E.R. came home and saw my Dr a day later. I then had swelling in other leg (left) but no pain and right leg was still developing extremely painful spots. Was ordered ultrasound on both legs. Extremely painful ultrasound seems to have caused more problems! I now have both legs in agony, redness, lumps etc. I have seen about 5 drs and 15 nurses, a couple of NP and nobody has any idea! I saw a Dermatologist yesterday and he decided to biopsy the sorest part of my leg. Its still showing bleeding but Im in even more pain! Now add my calf muscles hurting. It was determined that I have DVT in original right leg. They are saying that something else is happening on top of DVT but have NO idea what!!!!! Meanwhile, first time in my 63 yrs of life that I felt like I just wanted to die because of the excruciating pain. Please, SOMEBODY help!!!!!! Cannot take many more days like this.

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