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I have the same thing. Many different stages of the mite. I think it is in a worm like gel at first.

Posted In: Skin conditions Anonymous | September 6, 2015 | 05:14 AM

Simular to scabies but sooo different and many faces to this mite. What I did was put garlic oil on skin then rub curry powder on you should see what looks like worms coming out of your skin. These are mites encased in a gel from your own body fluids. The mites look kind of like leaves with feelers under microscope. I used Pine tar soap . I Wash and dry quickly each section of body seperately. Then leave a layer of soap on my skin. Also I layer with food grade Diatomatious earth. The trick is not to let skin get damp. I have noticed a huge difference. I put D.E. In hair at night with a stocking cap. Good luck and if you find out what it is please let me know.

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