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I have knots on vagina

Posted In: Sexual conditions Anonymous | July 31, 2014 | 01:40 AM

I only have sex three times and after sex I didn't have any problems except the last time. I had gotten an yeast infection but now gone away. Everytime I come on my period I'll get a bump but now I have three one I had last time on period in same spot but look lyk an in growning hair becuz 2 hairs came out. The other two they don't hurt but feel lyk knots they not big jzt medium nd I'm scared that I might have something but don't think I do because if he would've had sumthing he would've told me. But ik yu can't believe others but anyways I shave be4 I come on period I dnt know if it's because of that I also eat a lot of bread to catch yeast nd I dnt clean the inside of mi body. I jzt wash dwn there and that's it. I dnt use anything else. I heard after yu have sex yu suppost to clean yourself out in the inside but didn't do it. Now I been scrubbing down there and keeping it clean do no yeast come bac . The bumps dnt itch or nothing I think it came from shaving with clippers that other family members use on face, underarm and private . If anybody can help please help me once again dnt feel any diff jzt bumps it's not little small ones that looks lyk pimples it jzt a knot

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