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I am unhealthy and gained more weight

Posted In: Pain Anonymous | June 19, 2014 | 07:00 AM

I can't understand. I ate less and gained more. I was doing things that sweat me more. But why can't I lose weight. Last March 2014 I spend my life in the hospital. I was being ultrasound twice in my whole abdomen because I am suffering stomach ache and pain at the upper left part of my tummy. and the fats shows there. There is no medication or some kind of medicine that will cure me. Perhaps, medicine can only lessen the pain. The doctor said that I need to lose weight and in doing some effort in searching I found a blog in some site and make myself flexible about it . I called it "gambled"..and it is effective.
This is the Venus Factor system if you want to try it then don't called it gambled because I am here to proof it to you.

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