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Hi i am 42 years old and male i have the exact problem starting when i was about 12.

Posted In: Abdominal Pain Anonymous | August 31, 2015 | 00:00 PM

I was going to have my appendix out when the pain just vanished,so they left them in.Now i am 42,and have had pains in my right side front,and back.I have been for tests,and ultra sound they cannot find whats wrong,i am sure its my appendix but they don't listen,and say it is not my appendix,but i am sure its grumbling appendix,but i guess i am going to have to wait till they burst.I have been in pain,and of food for 18 months now,i have lost about a stone in weight.The pain is not bad as more annoying.I am thinking of going private.The nhs is no longer fit for purpose!Doctors google your condition,and have no experience.I am not racist every doctor i have seen has been our darker cousins.I have lost all respect,and confidence in the system.Please help!!!

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