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Help me the sid of my head is numb and hurts to the touch

Posted In: Numbness Anonymous | June 3, 2014 | 03:18 PM

I had read some post that there were a few peopo on here with the same symptoms I have and have had for a month. It started in my left side it hurt real bad. I put ice, heat everything with no result.
My left ear and surrounding areas are numb and hurts to the touch.
the base of my neck and down to my shoulder. Just went the emergency room. Took ct scan, they sd left side swollen, sinuses, gave me antibiotics, bla bla...... It feels like I was bit by something, but 2,3 weeks later what is happening. Any one have a clue it is really driving me crazy. I ware glasses and took off the left side because it hurt my ear to set on it. Sometimes needles, tingling, hot feeling. Help .....

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