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Heart OK but I'm withering away

Posted In: General well-being Anonymous | November 21, 2014 | 05:23 PM

I had heart surgery in March, 2014 . I had a double by-pass and healed well. My heart seems to be fine and in great shape. I had lost a little weight the previous year but thought it was just a metabolism change. After the surgery , however, the weight loss accelerated. I dropped from 167 upon entering the hospital in March down to 119 in September. I am now hovering between 109 and 112. I am 5'8" and never weighed under 140 since I turned 12 years old. I am now 58. I had some stomach issues but no serious diseases found. I had multiple tests run by 6 different doctors and have found no major diseases other than COPD/Bronchiectasis. I have researched online and found no sites that really deal with unwanted weight loss information. I struggle to eat enough as my stomach seems to get full fairly quickly and I then get belchy and begin to cough if I push it too much. I try to concentrate on nutrition and eating calorie dense foods. I have also lost a lot of my hair. It is hard for some people to understand I suppose. I always wanted to be thin too. I was a fairly chunky female. But I am to the point where I look anorexic and skeletal. I have thin hair and no breasts. It is a huge problem not to mention it causes constant battles with constipation which causes me to use laxatives which only make it harder to gain weight. I need other people with this problem to share information with and any medical suggestions or insights would be appreciated. I am at the end of my rope.

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