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Have had MRI/MRA blood test for lyme disease, infection in brain artery...all test negative.

Posted In: Numb Lips Anonymous | July 19, 2014 | 09:50 PM

Dr. thought I had had a stroke, then he says I have Bells palsy. Next doctor has treated me for thrush, but my lips are still numb up into my nasal passage.
The middle of May we were in Chester CT for 2 days, then drove to MD for 3 days, then drove to CO for 5 days. Stopped off for 2 days in TX, then drove for 2 days back to our home in FL. My lips became numb on May 28th and as of today, July 19th, after all these test, the thrush is under control, but my lips and lower nose are numb. Any ideas????

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