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Foggy, numb, dull sharp pain at the base of my skull

Posted In: Migraine Anonymous | May 14, 2018 | 03:13 AM

I started getting migraines about three years ago. They were just awful, it felt like someone took a baseball bat to the base of my skull. I was prescribed ibuprofen and caffiene by my pediatrician (I'm fifteen now btw). Anyways, the pain eventually evolved into this foggy feeling that lasts for weeks on end. Sometimes I get a sharp dull pain and others it just turns into a full blown, basball bat bashing, migraine. It all stays at the base of my skull. My current doctor, labelled it as the flu. Which makes no sense unless I managed to have the worlds longest ongoing case of the flu. It's honestly just a really scary sensation to have. I don't know if its just cause I'm a teen or something but I honestly hope no one goes through this. But if anyone is/has I'd love some advice.

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