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Extreme discomfort Penis sensations that prevent sleep, urination,scrotum, penis gland, head,

Posted In: Sexual conditions Anonymous | July 31, 2014 | 05:11 PM

Extreme pain never expected always lurking different times of the day. Doctor considered it a joke. Irritating as going to sleep and waking up with a cat on your lap! I have read posts here and elsewhere and I have to say I just returned from Nevada where I had NO penis problems , to Oklahoma where they started again preventing sleep and any activities that are not from time to time very painful and irritating. Women like that sensation obviously they buy vibrators . I find it an insult to the human body as I played drums for 25 years and NEVER had a humming ***k , vibrating penis, sensation ridden bag of tricks etc.

I am very tired 75% of the time, Ulcers, a penis that keeps me awake in pain, and back pain.

I asked my so called Doctor about the problem and he smiled --CASE CLOSED he apparently found my condition humorous and entertaining.

I am looking for a competent doctor, and remedies to alleviate the pain and annoyance .

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