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Dizzy fuzzy feeling In head numbness in body and feet. Pulsing sensation on one side of body

Posted In: Head conditions Rickyj | July 2, 2015 | 01:01 AM

So it started in 2006 I had a weird fuzzy dizzy feeling in my head. Accompanied by numbness in my feet and pain and a pulsing on my left side of my body. I went to 2 ents 2 family doctors a dentist. Neurologist and a phyc doc. I had to end up having surgery on my sinuses because they were so messed up I was getting sinus infections every time I got sick. Which was also a accompanied my head aches every day. I would wake up with this feeling. And it would only go away for minutes at a time. So after surgery my sinuses are 100% better. I'm still having this weird feeling in my head though. So I decide to lose weight. I ended up losing almost 100 pounds. Guess what all these symptoms are gone. No more dizzy feeling or numbness in my feet. No more feeling sleepy all the time. Everything went away. So fast forward to 2012 I started to gain weight again about 30 pounds. And I started feeling this feeling again it came back with a vengeance which I was terrified of. So I put two and two together. And decide to lose weight again. The feelings are gone again. I've recently been to allergy doctor and she found out I'm really allergic to gluten. I'm 35 years old I've been eating gluten all my life. So I try this crazy diet. And poof all symptoms gone within a few days. I was actually having problems with nasal polyps also and now I can breath. My ent says the gluten would cause a reaction that was messing up my sinuses causing polyps to swell up to almost closed sinuses. I have gone through I'm sure a lot of others are going through. I was so depressed and would think I'm dying. ***l at one point it was so bad I was contemplating suicide. Now, I've been to a dietitian. I believe in her than most doctors at this point. After following her instruction even just a little bit I've made my life so much better. I still get really stresse and smoke cigs on a daily basis. But I don't have that feeling anymore. And the doctors had told me at one point it was stress. Yeah right!! ***n doctors couldn't do ***t. ***l some of em even looked at me like I was just trying to get pills. Or I was lying to them. They didn't care. I lost my wife and job cause of this. I was always strong. But when this hit my wife gave me no support. It's like she thought I was lying to. So eventually she left me with the kids. I go through more stress now than I did then. But I feel way better and cope with it I suppose. So to anyone going through this I encourage you to check your diet first. I never had any issues with allergies till this. And well, you never know. Good luck to everyone going through this horrible experience. You will get through it. Have faith and think positive. Don't ever give up! Ever!

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