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Daughter itching vagina all time

Posted In: Vaginal Itching Anonymous | January 8, 2015 | 05:06 PM

What should i do i think my daughter has Yeast infection.. she keeps digging her vagina and
smelling her fingers..don't know what to do
my daughter is age 13, she has pubic hair
i can't figure out why she keeps sticking her
fingers inside of her vagina..i ask her if she
was itchy she didn't say anything so took her
in her room..i parted her vagina lips with my
fingers and she is very red, swelled inside
so i used some Vaseline ( petroleum gel)
inside of her vagina and her lips starting
moving in and out..than i put Vaseline on
the outside of vagina lips, vulva after while
she was breathing heavily than her panties
were wet so than after hour the swelling went down

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