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Cloudy, dizzy, drunk headed, cant focus

Posted In: Head conditions Anonymous | August 5, 2015 | 09:39 PM

It all started in march this year, I wa driving and got an over whelming feeling of foggy, cloudy head and dizzy, I had to pull over, thought it was because I hadnt ate anything, rested, ate and all was better after about an hour. In may I started getting the symptons again lasting longer and fatigue started coming on, I was thinking it had to do with a colon resection I had for diverticulitis, after testing that wasn't the problem. Now this feeling lasts all day, I cant and dont want to do anything, work has put me on medical leave until october to figure out what is going on, if I cant I lose my job, I love my job, I was great at it until this, my social and active life is suffering, I have had blood and thyroid tests, vertigo testing, stress testing on heart, mri of my brain, all comes back great, thank god, but still no answer of what is going on. I now have really bad loss of balance, cant focus on conversations or tv shows, I am feeling like I have lost my mind, people think I am making it up, um sure my doctor thinks im nuts, I am now on a heart monitor for 7 days, and have an appointment with ear nise and throat specialist. U just dont know what to do if it wasnt for my wife I dont know what to do. Yesterday I laughed at myself as I almost did a face plant in the store as I was reaching fir a can of soup I dropped, my wife caught me or if could have been bad, I also feel like a toddler learning to walk cause my balance is so off. The last two days I have noticed periodically my eyes will shake really fast and quit. Anyone esle have this? What was your cure? Ty for taking time to read this.

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