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cheeks always hurt, ears clicking, Please Help

Posted In: Cheek Symptoms Anonymous | July 3, 2014 | 00:42 AM

HI my name is Kevin and I'm 25 years old and I have had pain that's starts underneath my eyes and through my cheecks. It's been miserable and has changed my life. I saw 3 different doctors and they checked my sinus said no issues they can see. So then the doctors tried putting me on nerve medicine that didint help. My local dentist checked to see if I had TMJ and he said I dont. I went to a ENT and he opened my maxillary sinus and that didint work.. I don't know what else to do and on top of that my right ear always clicks everytime I swallow. I want to get fixed so I can be the man to my future wife. I'm so excited to be engaged I just want to be strong and back to Kevin who was always happy not always in pain who is hiding the pain to my fiance so she doesint worry. If anyone could help it would mean everything to me.

God Bless
- Kevin

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