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Burning sensation in head neck shoulders and spreading

Posted In: Insomnia Anonymous | April 21, 2014 | 02:58 PM

For years I have had problems with medication. The reactions seem to be pressure in my head. I was on two medications for A Fib and found myself with acute insomnia. It was a gradual thing
and finally when I could not sleep at all I took myself off the medication. That was on Monday before Easter. for 2 weeks I could not sleep. I developed anxiety and depression. I started taking things to sleep. Mostly natural. I have had the pressure in the back of head neck and shoulders which got worse and then turned to a burning sensation. I blamed it all on anxiety because of not sleeping. Then I finally after taking Tylenol PM got a good nights sleep. That was the Sat before easter. On Easter night I took the same. I also took med for acid reflux. I was drowsy and went to sleep but was awakened by terrible burning sensation in back of head, neck shoulder and this time going into my arms and tingling in legs. I did not feel the same depression and anxiety before I went to bed,. On Easter I felt great. What is happening. My blood pressure is up and I am on two med for that. My temperature is slightly low. When I get up the burning sensation usually goes away but today it is there not as bad as night time. I don't know why it has gone from pressure to burning to increased burning. I don't know if it is the medication reaction or nerve pain or anxiety. I did not feel the anxiety before I went to bed so I am very confused. It worries me that it is increasing in intensity. I am also worried I will go back into that cycle of not sleeping. Being sleep deprived for two weeks was ***l. Joann P

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