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bladder pressure and frequent feel of urination

Posted In: Bladder Pain Anonymous | December 13, 2014 | 02:26 PM

I'm hoping someone can share their expertise/experience.....I'm a male, 28 years old and before this had no medical problems at all. I'm not overwieght and do regular excercise, although my job involves driving and so I spend at least 5 or 6 hours a day seated. About 3 months ago I noticed that after going to the toilet and then sitting down I had an odd sensation in my urethra like there was still urine left in the tube. However, this feeling would fade after 10-15 mins or so and so I didn't think too much about it. These sensation went on for a week or two and then one day at work when I sat in the car I felt like urine was flowing through my urethra but nothing would come out - I found myself constantly squeezing my muscles to stop myself from going and even squeezing my penis with my hand. Despite this feeling though I never actually had any incontinence. I went straight to the docs and they said it was a uti and prescribed a generic AB for 7 days. I took this and went sick from work but had no change in my symptoms. Infact, they seemed to get worse and in addition to the strange urethral feelings when I sat down I would have a pressure in my bladder like it was full, even though I knew it wasn't. Over the course of the next few weeks I gave three urine samples which were negative, and was tested for all the usual STD's, yeast etc.. I should also say my bloods were completely normal (PSA, kidney, liver etc). Eventually I went to a private urologist who said it sounded like a stricture. He provided a strong AB though just to rule out a stubborn UTI which wasn't showing on the urine samples. The AB's did nothing but over the weeks my symptoms seemed to vary in intensity. I was able to go back to work and despite having a constant pressure feeling in my bladder I could sit in the car and lived with the strange tingling feeling in my urethra which came and went.

I was given a cystostopy under general and the urologist said everything looked ok in the bladder, as did the prostate. i was prescribed vesicare and then went and had an US. This also showed no obvious problems and so urologist said I had an overactive bladder as a result of a UTI he suspected I had 2 months previously????. I took the Vesicare which did help the symptoms but more in a kind of just numbed the whole area kind of way. I 've used up all of the tablets and am reluctant to go get some more as I feel it's just masking the real problem.

I've now had this for 3 months and it's very depressing. The discomfort in my bladder feels similar to when you press on the front of your bladder with your hand.This is less noticeable when the bladder is empty and gets worse as it fills. It is present whether i'm sitting or standing. In addition, after urinating, I have to milk the urethra because there is constantly urine left inside which i can feel. I've researched on the internet and the closest thing I can find is IC, but it doesn't seem to match as the symptoms don't seem to change in relation to food/drink. The head of my penis is a bit redder than usual and just doesn't feel right but I think that's because I'm constantly squeezing it subconciously. There's no obvious rash's, discharge or anything strange with my urine. I find that intercourse doesn't hurt but the urethral irritation is definetely worse the next day.

Being in my twenties I never expected to have problems like these and it's seriously affecting my work and social life. It's been going on since the beginning of January and I've got to wait 3 weeks for a urodynamics test but thought it would be worth while posting on here to see if anybody has experienced similar symptoms or can shed any light??? Any help would be much appreciated.

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