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  • Map dot fingerprint dystrophy

    Anonymous 9 Replies
    Posted in: Map Dog Fingerprint Dystrophy May 22, 2008 05:02 PM

    I have this disorder and was wondering if what I read on the internet is true. I read that this flares up for a few years and then goes away on its own. I had the corneal scraping about 1 month ago and so far, so good. No erosions in the eye that was scraped. I did have a very minor one...

  • Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy

    Anonymous 5 Replies
    Posted in: Map Dog Fingerprint Dystrophy August 27, 2006 11:14 AM

    Hello, I'm new. I have this MDFD thing - had it for about 20 years. It only affects me at night, when my eyes get so dry that they would stick to my eyelid if I didn't put some stuff in.My questions are: Anyone else with this annoyance?Also - and I think I need an expert for this: How much...


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