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  • Posted By: dorricki
  • January 29, 2007
  • 00:38 PM

My dr diagnosed me with vasculitis. But is not positive. I am seeing a rhumatologist at this time and have been on steriods on and off for over a year. It all started in sept of 2005. After a hysterectomy. I developed welts/whels/ they are a raised patch that appears anywhere on my body, to incluse in my mouth eyes etc. they look like a topographical map. they also are under the skin causing preasure to nerves. They are itchy and very painful. I have seen allergist,internists,setc. nobody knows what it is. but the keep giving me steroids. please help.

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  • Ask your doctor about the possibility of your vasculitis being PAN (polyartritis nodosa) Vasculitis was the first correct diagnosis my husband had after 3 wrong ones.
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    • February 6, 2007
    • 10:11 PM
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  • I have had vasculitis for 14 years. I am a mystery to my doctors. Also I am a raynauds patient. Got through the winter fine. Since spring I have these flares of my c-reactive protein climbing to 196. This is a blood test that measures inflamation. This happens every time I decrease my prednisone. My feet and legs swell and turn really red. Taking Percocet for pain. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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  • Yes, ck for PAN DX; Also chronic inflammation, raynauds(minor in the possible scheme of things) can be indication of many,more severe diseases. For instance, you don't say if you have any lung problems, ie, asthma, COPD, arthitis, muscle or nerve pain/problems. REPEATED LATER, SORRY FOR OUT OF ORDER AND LONG REPLY. JUST DON'T GIVEUP IF SYMPTOMS WORSEN OR YOU ARE NOT GETTING DIAGNOSED.YOU ANDYOUR BODY KNOW WHENSOMETHING ELSE IS WRONG/GOING ON. INVESTIGATE/RESEAECH. GOOD LUCK' GOD BLESS!!example. muscle spasms in neck/back could be simply stress or as you age worsening condition of prior injury, car wreck, etc. or they could indicate problems with muscles, muscle diseases, also indicative of inflammation; lung problems could also be sign of existing or future provlems with cligged arteries, high cholesterol, etc-.. nerve pain, ringling, swelling in feet/legs could be heart or diabetes... have blood tests for rheumatoid arthistis, lupus, heart, mri scan brain... depending on symptoms. Don't wait for dr to help/dx you. IEVEN HAD TWO DR'S TWLL ME, W/IN 6 weeksOF RARE IN/URABLE MUSCLE DISEASE DX THAT NOTHING WAS WROG W/ME... JUST NORMal WEAR AND TEAR FOR 1/4PARALYZED 51 yr old, w/health diagnosis' filling complete word doc. drs make up their minds and you suffer, die early due to their ignorance and arrogance. SOMETIMES THE MEDICINE W/MAKE YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS/ILLNESS. ALWAYS READ SIDE EFFECTS. TRY RXFOR A WHILE... SAY 6 MOntns. IF NOT HELPING. GET OFF, TRY SOMERHING ELSE. GET SECOND OPINIONS! breathing problems, even asthma could indicate more severe now or future problems.. dr's/scientists just now figuring this out.. ESPECIALLY W/CHRONIC INFLAMATION.GOOD LUCK ANDFOD BLESS YOU ALL. SORRY DOR OUT DON'T GIVE UP . KEEP GOING TO MORE DOCTORS. KEEP LIST OF SYMTOMS. GET COPY ALLTEST RESULTS .'GET SECOND OPINIONS. RESEARCH SYMPTOMS ONLINE(didnt have that w/me untill I was already disabled) NOTE- Disregard last sentwnce. i have troublew/rhis posting page and difficulty speak/typing .. just, keep going, keep track of symptoms, do researxh, keep/get copies of all tests/blod/mri/ct scans, repts, etc. can also send in to John Hopkins for se ond opinio/evaluation. dont suffer or take drugs for long period of time. et help. go ro as many drs as you have ro to get answere. if you have severe muscle provlems, also g w/falling/nerve, raynauds, inflamation, etc, get brain mri, and blood test called GAD antibody 65. gad for muscle dx, mrifor brain,.. Dont just let one drkeep running same tests,blood overandoveragain, bexauze it sounds like symptoms s/berhis or that. Go to newdr's. dont give up. if symptoms get worse. neverquit. keep fighting. iIt may become later than you think, faster, and too late to treat or diagnisos you properly. I know first hand. Dr'sthoght I had vascular problem. (disease or more that effects entire body) no follow up done for years, until my symptoms got worse. Drs get first opinin of you, and either decide to get to bottom or not of your health problems. From age 23 to 38, finally dx'd w/MS, 10 yrs later, joint and muscle pain, connective tissue disease, 4 yrslater, heart, rYnauds, heart problems, clogged arteries, heartfailure, and nowvery rare 1 in amillion muscle disease, incurable... stiff mans syndrome. disavling, criplimg, paralyze if lucky, death from stroke or neart attack perferable/probable befor dying of muscle disease, also related to cancer.. so far havent found in me yet. 2 _ 5 yr life exp.Any signs of inflammation throughout body needs further investigation. I stated out later with severe muscle spasms in neck, under shoulder blades, then sudden falling, worsening muscle spasms in back, shoulder, etc. nerve pain, tingling, swelling feet/ankles... raynauds worsening. first bad sign.. then what i thought was heat strokes, too much sun, inability to talk, move,etc for a while, sometimes unconsciencness, etc...long story, longer...lol dx'd w-Multiple Sclerosis 12yrs later, thenvasculitis
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