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sore feeling in vagina

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 13, 2009
  • 11:17 PM

My problems appear to have started around two months ago. I was washing the genital area in the shower (using the shower head), when i felt an odd pain/sensation inside the vagina. It felt like when the water shot up there, that it touched something inside that shouldn't have been there. Three days after that, i began to feel a soreness in the exact same area. Sometimes it would burn and be very uncomfortable, then it would be a mild soreness that didn't bother me at all (but it always felt like there was something inside). Oddly, it would sometimes feel cold down there, after eating very cold food or drinks. The soreness would come and go, as soon as i thought it had gone, it would be back again. I had other symptoms also: very frequent urination (but no burning) and a dull ache in my left side and kidney. A couple pf weeks later i went to the doctor with these symptoms, she felt the inside of my vagina but said she couldn't feel anything (maybe she felt the wrong place). She diagnosed a urine infection. To cut a long story short, i have given in endless urine samples, had to wait for the results, and then was prescribed antibiotics. I've had three courses altogether, and the very latest results came back as saying the infection had finally gone. I thought the soreness inside was maybe part of the urine infection, but after the results are clear, i can still feel it inside. I also still have a need to urinate much more than is normal, my bladder feels irritated (which makes me need to urinate), and i have a dull ache in my left side and kidney. I believe that i have an undiagnosed condition, and think that whatever is inside me, is pressing on the bladder making me need to urinate often, and could have led to a possible kidney infection.
I have been on a waiting list to see a gynecologist for about a month now, and in the meantime, i am worrying myself sick. I fear i must have cancer of one form or another. Can anyone relate to the symptoms i mentioned, especially the sore feeling in the vagina? Do you know what it could possibly be?
I haven't been sexually active for three years.

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  • check out this site:Interstitial Cystitis Association - Homewww.ictreatment.com
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  • Its nothing serious, I've experienced that before too. When I went to the clinic they just told me my body was not efficiently "preparing itself for sex". Invest in some KY jelly or another good lubricant. And make sure you're fully relaxed before sex. Take more time on foreplay. Also, when you wash down there, try not to use soap. It will irriate the skin and make it dry.
    melisadenny 33 Replies
    • August 21, 2009
    • 06:15 AM
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  • i have the same issue and have been going completely insane. sometimes id be cold down their which was so freaky and weird.. sharp pain soreness and pain by kidneys. i also have a discharge which they said was a bactine but i dont know i feel hopless and just want answers.i have had tests all came back that im okay but i cant stop feeling like they missed something. have you had any updates on ur condition?
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    • August 15, 2010
    • 05:01 PM
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  • Hi! I have been having the same problem as u for about 8 yrs now. I feel the urge to pee all the time, inside my vagina feels sore, pain in my side, back and abdomen. I have taken dozens of test and it comes back that there is nothing wrong and I am still having the problem now. It is so frustrating not knowing what's wrong with me and I know something is wrong. Do u have kids? I was reading on the internet that if a placenta is left inside u it can give all these symptoms. Just letting u knw that u r not alone
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    • October 9, 2010
    • 10:23 PM
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  • Infections and skin disorders may cause sore vagina. Disease or injury to any of the structures in the vulvar region can also result in sore vagina. In addition, sore vagina can be caused by underlying conditions that involve the body as a whole or the pelvic organs specifically.Sore vagina can also be caused by conditions that affect the genital organs including:Endometriosis (presence of uterine lining tissue outside the uterus)Ovarian cysts or tumorsUterine fibroids or benign tumors
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