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Ovarian Cysts...Confused!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 30, 2011
  • 02:24 AM

I'm confused by my doctor. I went to the doctor in Oct of 2009 for my yearly pap smear...everything was normal. I began taking birth control pills (ortho tri-cyclen lo)...took them for 3 months. The side effects were too bad, so I stopped taking them around Feb. In May or June, I went back to the doc with lower abdominal pain. I had an ultrasound and only one cyst was found...doc said it was a hemorrhagic cyst that had already burst and would go away on it's own. He put me back on birth control pills to help prevent cysts...Lo Estrin 24 this time. The side effects were non-existent with this pill. He had me come back in one month for a follow up ultrasound. I did so. The follow up ultrasound however, after being on bc for one month, showed polycystic ovaries. He then tells me I very likely have PCOS (even though I have no other symptoms) and tells me the bc pills may not have had time to work and he wanted to see me in another month. Came back in another month...ultrasound looked the same to me (still polycystic) but doc said it looked a little better and to keep taking the BC. That was the last ultrasound I had. I'm so confused! How can my ovaries be fine except one cyst...go on BC to HELP...come back and have polycystic ovaries...and have doc tell me I have PCOS? I have a 3 1/2 year old...had no problems having him and have never had issues with cysts before. I want more children one day and do not want to think I have PCOS due to the infertility problems it can cause. Plus...it just seems suspicious how everything developed. Like something is being missed. Any ideas?? Oh also! I kept taking the birth control for another few months until I began having horrible breast swelling and cyst-like bumps in my breasts. Went to the doc...he said it was probably due to too much caffiene (which I DON'T drink too much of...I drink LOADS of water). The only time the breast cysts would feel better was the 4 days I didn't take my birth control pills. I eventually figured it out...stopped taking them...and haven't had any issues with my breasts since. Very confused and my doc is very nice but doesn't seem to think any of this is strange!

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  • That is the risk of taking contraceptive pills. It may have some side effects. Lucky for us there are several steps in ovarian cysts cure we could find. We just have to find quality information.
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  • Sounds very weird to me.. if you had PCOS it would of showed up on your ultrasound the month before. PCOS happens when eggs develop but arent released when they should be .. as one only usually produces one egg per month.. I cant see how someone could possibly develop PCOS in one month. You just cant. If one thinks they have PCOS, its always best to see a specialist eg gyno about it. PCOS isnt just diagnosed on ultrasound either.. but hormonal abnormalities are found in it too. sorry I dont think your doctor is a good one, he may be nice.. but talking crap about things he obviously knows very little about. If he doesnt know much about something, he shouldnt be trying to diagnose it but rather should be refering you onto someone who does know. I'd have very little faith in doctor who tends to act like he knows about stuff he doesnt rather then refering on. You can see on your ultrasound if you have polycystic ovaries and count the cysts is needed along with hormone abnormalities before diagnoses of PCOS is given. PCOS people will either have missing periods or long cycles which may be irregular. (not all PCOS people have fertility issues thou it is one of the most common causes of infertility in women). Ive had my ultrasounds misread by ones who werent gynos or PCOS specialists, I dont know how some can miss seeing it..but some do. One can see polycystic ovaries quite clearly. I had a gyno on looking at my ultrasound, ring up a radiologist and abuse him for missing it after a doctor stopped believing I had PCOS (to which a different gyno had previously diagnosed) after a wrong report from that radiologist who didnt have a clue on reading my most recent scan. (same radioligist had also missed seeing a torn tendon on another of my scans) So make sure someone who is experienced in the field looks at your scan.
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