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UTI or Parasites?

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  • Posted By: lucakerberos
  • March 23, 2013
  • 02:44 AM

So I get minor UTIs very frequently, and my doc has me on a low dose antibiotic to take as preventative if I start feeling the symptoms of a UTI coming on. This week, something unusual happened and I'm not sure what the heck it is, or if it's even a UTI at all.

Tuesday night I went to bed and had no symptoms of a UTI whatsoever. Wednesday morning I woke up and BAM! I had a UTI. Normally, it takes two to three days for me to start feeling this much pain from a serious UTI. As the day went on, I started peeing blood, and then eventually I was peeing what looked to be blood clots. After debating on going to the doctor or not, my boyfriend had me pee on some urinalysis sticks he had at home from his work, and my protein and ketone levels were off the chart, and it showed I had hemolyzed blood in the urine. It was then that I peed out what looked to be a freaking parasite/worm/bug/nightmarish thing. I know I should have kept it and brought it to the doc but I was so freaked out I flushed the toilet. I have, however, recreated it in Paint. This site won't let me upload the pic directly to the post so here's the link:


Has anyone ever had something like this happen? I'm freaking out that I have worms or something but I've never heard of them coming out the urethra. I work with animals, and I was handling a bunch of dead fish the other day, and the only other way I could think of getting it was through the semen of my boyfriend, although I've never heard of a parasite passing that way. I had my period last week, and it was a little lighter flow than normal, but I'm still having that bloated feeling and the diarrhea.

Anyways, after I passed the bug thingy we went to the ER and they did a urinalysis there and it came back CLEAN! No blood, no odd levels, nothing. And all symptoms of the "UTI" went away. Immediately. I told the doc about the bug thing but he didn't believe me and just gave me some antibiotics and asked me to follow up with my primary next week. I've also had several rash spots all over my body that look like ringworm, however I don't know if that's related. I'm also having trouble adjusting my eyes to things like streetlights, headlights, etc. in the dark. I also saw my gyno last week and everything checked out down there so I know it's not crabs or anything like that.

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