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UTI Bacteria Present - no symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 3, 2007
  • 03:27 AM

After finding a small trace of blood in the urine and bacteria present the doctor prescribed Levaquin for 7 days to treat a UTI. However, I have no symptoms. No burning sensation, no frequent urination, no pain. After finishing the medication and being re-tested, there was even more blood present in the urine and the white blood cell count was slightly high. I am confused because of my "non-symptoms." The doctor now wants to do a CT scan to rule out kidney stones, but did I mention I have no symptoms? It has now been over a month since finding the blood in my urine and there are still no symptoms. Help!

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  • Does anyone else experience these unusual tests results: bacteria of UTI present, blood in urine, high white blood cell count....but NO symptoms beyond that? Even AFTER taking medication? Help!
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  • I don't know if these are related or not, but one thing I have noticed lately that my appetite has increase a lot! Looking back at it now, it seemed that it started not too long before the blood was first found in my urine. My appetite has just gotten increasingly larger and I still never feel "full." I don't know if that is stress or could be related to these other findings (blood in urine, UTI bacteria present, high white blood cell count, no symptoms). Let me know!!!
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  • Don't worry i am also experiencing the same.....can anyone tell us what's wrong?thanks in advance...p.s. it will really help if someone can answer this...
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  • So, I got the results from the CT Scan done on my abdominal area. No kidney stones, no cysts, not an apendicitis. Basically, everything looked "normal." I also got my urine re-tested and there was still blood and bacteria in it. Over the past two days, I have developed a very very slight pain or pressure in my back and side. However, other than that I still have no other visible symptoms. The doctor has decided to try to treat me AGAIN for a bladder or kidney infection with a different antibiotic. I will let you know how that goes and what antibiotic that is perscribed. Hang in there!
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  • I think you should test urine culture for antibiotic sensitivity if you haven't done so yet. It will help to chose the effective antibiotic.
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  • I am pleased to report that Cipro took the bacteria away. I was re-tested twice, but still have microscopic blood in my urine. No symptoms, no bacteria, re-occurent blood in urine. I went back and had another urine analysis done a couple of days ago and there is still blood in my urine. Is this something I should be concerned about?
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    • August 21, 2007
    • 01:42 AM
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  • Boy this sounds all too familiar, I was just in the er 2 x's this weeks for the same symptoms, being treated for a uti 10 days ago with cipro and did not work, pain is worse, on mon. urine was clean they sent me home on bactrim and said it was a uti but if the pain got worse or anything changed to come back went back wednes. pain was worse blood in urine and white cell count high but they still say a uti. Cat scans are normal, I am not convinced it is not kidney stones. I am going to see a urologist, there is another test they can do. I went through this with gall bladder they sent me home 4 times and even then the cat scan did not show stones when they went to remove it it was ready to burst, I almostdied if they would have waited a little bit longer
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  • Are you male or female? If you are a male, then it would be difficult to kill all the bacteria in the first course of antibiotics. Basically your urologist should have your semen cultured to test for what type of bactieria you grow. Then he will give you a long course of antibiotics - 2 weeks. This is because the bacteria sits in the prostrate. If you are female, maybe there are some other conditions, have urine culture done, give it a few days to clear off if you have completed your antibiotics. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice - not pills. It really helps. Avoid all spicy food and have your doctor check for the ph of your urine. It should be slightly acidic if there is no bacteria there. And drink tons n tons of water so your body flushes it off.
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  • I just had my 13 year old Daughter in the ER. for 4 days she has had severe lower abdominal pain. 2 days ago I took her to a M.D.- they took blood and urine. They said nothing "stood out" but to call if she got worse. The next day I called, she was not any better, they prescribed vicodin for pain. She seemed a bit better on Saturday. But by Sunday she had had enough. We took her to the ER. They did blood work and a CT scan. Let me tell you how shocked I was when they told me it was a bladder infection! How could this be? She had NO pain on urination, NO urgency to urinate, NOTHING!! she did have horrid low abdominal pain, mild low back pain and she had become dehydrated and unable to eat (because of the pain she was in) I have NEVER heard of ANY women or child haveing a uti without pain on urination or the urge to go..... I would love it if someone could explain this to me!!
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    • August 23, 2010
    • 08:35 AM
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  • About 10 days ago I started to have pain in my abdomen, which is really irregular for me because I rarely have stomach aches. After 5 days of pain I went to the hospital and the doctor said nothing sounded unusual and that I should drink water and eat good food. 3 days after that the pain was increasing and if I had been eating at all (the pain doesn't help my appetite) I was usually throwing up. I went back to the hospital and the doctor said I may have a UTI and gave me ciprofloxacin 500mg, and also gave me a urine test. I have no pain while urinating and have not noticed frequency being a problem. I have been taking the medication, and went back today because my abdomen feels like it is being rung out. She said there was a low count of bacteria in my urine and blood also. I am going back in a weeks time to see if my urine is bacteria/blood free. It is confusing to me because everyone I know who has gotten a UTI usually has pain urininating, gets antibiotics, and feels better within a day or two.
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  • hi, i went to the doctors for a physical and the doctor said i had alot of white blood cells but i had no symptoms. so she gave me antibiotics then the burning came. i have no idea why so after i went to another doctor and she said i had not UTI so i was happy but my pee is still burning and she gave me an anti fungal perscription for a yeast infection but that didnt do anything either and now my pee still burns and thats it. I have no pain or any other symptoms anywhere so i hope this helps but i would like some answers too.
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