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urinary frequency and loads more

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  • Posted By: toolbarfiller
  • April 1, 2007
  • 00:17 AM

General Information: I'm 16 1/2 years old. I am not sexually active and I do not smoke or drink.

--I've had urinary symptoms for nearly two months now. Urine samples are negative for UTI.
--I've had chronic constipation for longer than 2 months (i cant remember the last time i could defecate normally)
--Coincidentally, a few days after I started taking Whey Protein as a daily supplement, ALL (quite sure) urinary symptoms, including urinary frequency, started to appear. Most notably my urinary frequency. My urinary frequency was most severe when I first experienced it. My urinary frequency seems to fluctuate in seriousness over time, which may be due to my taking different laxatives and stool softeners. Of course, this may suggest that my constipation is linked in some way to this whole mess.

Here are my urinary symptoms:
1-urinary frequency (most important to cure)
2-urinary dribbling (a little)
3-urine stream interruption **
4-some difficulty starting urination **
5-urine is very light yellow **
6-urine amount is small (per visit) **

**This symptom may disappear while I'm taking stool softeners with laxatives for my chronic constipation.

Here are the laxatives and stool softeners that I've taken:
1- Milk of Magnesia (issued on first visit to doctor)
2- Metamucil (issued on first visit to doctor)
3- prescription laxative Glycolax (issued on second visit to doctor)
4- stool softener: Colace (issued on second visit to doctor)

Through research online (mostly this message board's website), I have come across possible prostate problems such as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, and Prostate Cancer. Though with that, I can not link the chronic constipation.

The different doctors that I've been appointed have suggested that my urinary frequency may be caused by my chronic constipation.

More on the Whey Protein: I took this for a few weeks before realizing that this may be the cause. I stopped taking it and the symptoms persisted. From that point on, I have often thought that maybe I did not drink enough water with my Whey Protein (I used to stir the Whey into water).

P.S. Don't tell me to go to a doctor: I already have an appointment with a urologist. I'm just excited to find what condition or disease I have.

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  • Can't say what you have, but I would suggest you get a good quality probiotic and begin taking this daily. Jarrow makes a good one, and has many strains of beneficial flora. You need to build up your intestinal flora, as this will help your constipation (not a quick fix, but should notice a difference over time)...I also think it would help your genitourinary system. Consider that you might have food intolerance causing your chronic constipation. Do you eat much dairy? Sugar? Processed foods? Gluten? These can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Visit www.wholeapproach.com and print out their food list and follow their suggestions for at least 2 weeks and see if it helps. I agree that your urinary difficulties could be related to your constipation. I would address both. Also, don't be surprised if docs don't find anything. Especially if it is due to food intolerance as they just can't test for it and don't usually address it. You need to do some research on dietary and nutritional suggestions to get you back in balance. Consider finding an alternative practitioner who specializes in digestive and genitourinary problems: a naturopath, acupuncturist, or homeopath could be very helpful. Best wishesDOM
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  • I have been eating the same foods that I always eat, except when I took Whey Protein.
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  • Ask Your Doctor If You Might Have Interstitial Cystitis, Is Inflamation Of The Bladder And It Makes You Pee A Lot, And Is Painfull. I Have Just Found Out That That Was What Was Making Me So Miserable For The Past 8 Months, Thank God Is OverWish You Luck!
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  • Do Some Research On Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Check Out The Symptoms. In My Opinion, It Is Similar To What You Are Experiencing. Check It Out When You Get A Chance.
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  • There is an excellent book for men out there called "headache in the pelvis" It covers a lot of what you are experiencing, who to see, and possible treatments and outcomes. Good luck.
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