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stealthy kidney infection?

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  • Posted By: Critter
  • January 2, 2011
  • 03:10 AM

Hello all,

I feel like either I am going insane or I have a really stealthy infection that refuses to be detected.

For the last few months i've had incredibly foul-smelling urine. In all seriousness, it'll smells like hot dog water. Oh yeah it's that bad! Prior to this I had gone into the doctors complaining of a uti. the quick test came back negative, but 2 days later I was calling them up all grouchy and whining until they gave me something. things were great for about a month & then the stink-pee came along.

I've been so busy with work (things are just now dying down) I never went back to the doctor to figure out the smelly pee. Also, I had no other symptoms of a UTI such as burning when I urinate. And that's where It gets weird. So work finally dies down and so I take the time to call the doctor. I have an appt on Tuesday thank goodness!!

I've been paying close attention to it and here's whats going on:
(now that i've made my appt) my pee only smells about half of the time. sometimes it's really dark and cloudy and stinky, and other times it's clear and doesnt really smell. i realize that my hydration level probably has something to do with it but keeping tabs on what i am drinking doesnt add up.

No pain during urination at ALL but this would not be the first time i've had a uti without the burning.

My problem is that I am now experiencing pain in my lower left kidney area. I had a bad kidney infection in this same kidney about 10 years ago (i could see the blood in my urine) However, i have NO fever, still have no burning, and the pain in my kidney area comes and goes. in the morning i always feel great and hop right into work like it's going to be the best day ever. usually later on in the afternoon/evening the pain kicks in. a very dull achey pain. if i bend certain ways it hurts more (bend my left knee and put all of my weight on my right leg, my left kidney area will throb, etc)

Last time i had a kidney infection i was in bad shape! i do not have ANY of the classic symptoms this time like vomiting, fever, etc.
the only symptoms i've had are the smelly pee leading up to this, the dull flank pain, and feeling exhausted by mid afternoon/evening. i am so afraid my doctor will blow me off simply because i do not have any of the tell-tale symptoms. has anyone out there ever had kidney infections without fever, nausea, etc? or am i just nuts?!

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