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So misrable.

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  • Posted By: GEMINI
  • November 20, 2009
  • 07:14 PM

IM CLOSE TO MY 30S AND I HAVE BEEN SUFFERING WITH THIS FRUSTRATING AND DEBILITATING URINARY PROBLEM FOR MORE THAN 3YEARS NOW. LONG STORY SHORT AND 2 SUM IT UP, this is how it all began.. i was urinating frequently during the day and also during bedtime, so i got it checked out 2 why i was urinating so much through a cystoscopy and i was diagnosed with having (ic) interstitial cystitis- a bladder disorder. cool at least i know now. 5months have passed and i felt way better and then towards the end of december my ex girlfriend and i were having intercourse and i remember i kept holding in the part where i didnt want to ejaulate, soon after that i felt a big sting feeling in my private area somewhere, i couldnt pin point where though, but it hurt, 2 be exact it felt like some1 flicking u ******n your finger, that kind of feeling but deepinside. (my buddy down there didnt break or anything like that.) soon after that i released my stuff and then i got up and thats when i had a strong urge and sensation that i needed to urinate, thats when this frustrating problem developed into something far worse with my urinary problem, and ever since then my whole urinary function did a 360 and as of now it has not returned back to being normal 2 how it was just with the frequency part only. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH ALOT OF PROCEDURES AND TO THE E.R. ON SEVERAL DIFFERENT OCCASIONS BECAUSE I COUND NOT URINATE AND WENT INTO COMPLETE RETENTION TO WHERE I NEEDED TO WEAR A CATHETER WITH A PEE BAG FOR SEVERAL DAYS EACH TIME. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH IC,HYPERTONICITY OF SPINCTER MUSCLE,PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION, AND NARROWING OF THE URETHRA. IMA HANDSOME MAN AND I HAVE NOT BEEN INTIMATE WITH A WOMAN FOR MORE THAN 2 AND A HALF YEARS AND I AM STILL YOUNG. I KNOW THAT WHEN I EJACULATE NOW IT CAUSES ME TO FLARE UP FROM A COUPLE HOURS TO A FEW DAYS, TO WHERE MY URINARY PROBLEM COMPLETELY SHUTS DOWN. IT REALLY SUCKS, KNOWING THAT AFTER I GET DONE EJACULATING MY URINARY SITUATION GETS WORSE FOR DAYS TO WEEKS AT A TIME. I ALSO USE SELF CATHERTERS, TOO NOW WHEN I GO INTO RETENTION OR WHEN I CANT FULLY COMPLETELY EMPTY MY BLADDER. I TRIED EVERYTHING FROM POSITIVE THINKING, DIFFERENT MEDICATIONS, I MEAN EVERYTHING, MY LIFE IS ***l EVERYDAY WITH THIS URINARY PROBLEM AND NOT BEING ABLE TO EJACULATE WHEN I WANT...

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